Jane Collins MEP becomes UKIP Home Affairs Spokesman

Published Dec 02, 2016

JaneCollinsRole.jpgJane Collins MEP has said she is “delighted with the opportunity to bring about positive change”, after being named as UKIP’s new Home Affairs Spokeswoman, in a reshuffle prompted by the election of Paul Nuttall as party leader.

Yorkshire & North Lincolnshire MEP, Ms. Collins, who has been out of the public eye in recent months following major surgery, went on to described her new role as the “best remedy ever.”

Following the announcement, Ms Collins said, “I’m looking forward to forming a strong team with the UKIP spokesmen on justice and immigration to put together a package of cohesive, common sense proposals and policies, which will benefit all.”

The long-standing CSE campaigner continued; “from spiralling immigration and bringing about a truly accessible justice system; to penal reform and properly supporting our police forces and fire services; we have a diverse range of complex challenges ahead.

“I am under no illusion about the mountain we have to climb to give people the public services they desire and deserve and to create a more inclusive and socially stable society.

"But by working together as a unified party, I have no doubt we can force change in many areas of domestic policy."

UKIP Leader Paul Nuttall said, “Jane is exceptionally determined, strong willed and committed to improving the country for generations to come."

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