Jane Collins MEP calls for Greater Manchester Police​ Chief to resign

Published Mar 13, 2015

JaneCollins.jpgUKIP's Jane Collins MEP has criticised Greater Manchester Police for failures to tackle Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) in Rochdale and called for the resignation of its Chief Constable, Sir Peter Fahy after his comments on Radio 4's Today programme where he said: “How do you protect vulnerable young people who are determined to put themselves at risk and don't understand the degree to which they are making themselves vulnerable?”​

Jane, who has been campaigning on behalf of CSE victims in Rotherham, said, “I am furious that the Chief Constable of a police force that has failed to protect children from harm, can blame the victims in this way. Is he trying to say that these young people brought the grooming on themselves? It is simply despicable and Sir Peter Fahy should resign; not only for his comments, but also for his failures to ensure CSE victims were believed and prioritised in the first place.”

“I am extremely concerned that lessons on tackling CSE have not been learned in Manchester and elsewhere in the country. Former Detective Constable Margaret Oliver has highlighted several issues concerning both the depth and span of today’s report, as well as criticising the police for continuing to make critical mistakes in the handling of CSE. This is an issue that we really need to urgently get a grip of. Rather than stupid comments from senior officers, we need more focus on protecting children in our society and more determination to arrest, prosecute and imprison people involved in these vile offences.”

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