Janice Atkinson MEP questions David Cameron


IMG_20150119_131643.jpgToday Janice Atkinson MEP delivered a letter to Downing Street questioning where the £12m David Cameron had promised to Calais has gone.

Janice Atkinson said, "When I met Monsieur Mignonet, deputy Mayor of Calais, he told me he hadn't seen a penny of the £12m promised by Mr Cameron. Indeed, he thought it would go straight into Hollande's failed socialist black hole deficit‎ experiment, rather to the frontline of Calais, as promised.

"I want to know from the Prime Minister if any money has been sent and, if it has, how much has been sent, where it has been sent, how it has been utilised and does he think this is a good use of British taxpayers' money?"

You can read the letter in full below:

To David Cameron,

On the 23rd of September I attended a meeting with Philippe Mignonet, the Deputy Mayor of Calais, to discuss the current migrant situation affecting the area. Mr Mignonet raised some quite pressing concerns regarding the £12m pounds you promised to increase security at the border; he stated that he did not expect to receive any of the money promised and that the £12m would have been given to Hollande and merely have disappeared into the central government coffers.

Therefore, there are a number of questions I would like to raise. Firstly, how much of the £12m promised has been given to help deal with this issue? Secondly, was the money given to the central French treasury or to local government in the Calais region? Finally, of the £12m promised to help increase security in Calais how much of this money has reached the front lines and what has the £12m been spent on? We would like to be provided with a breakdown of how this money has been spent.


Janice Atkinson MEP

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