Jeremy Corbyn on EU mass migration - an outlier even within the Labour Party

Published Apr 14, 2016

Stevenwoolfe.jpg“Jeremy Corbyn shows about as much knowledge of the effects of mass uncontrolled migration from the European Union on the British labour market as he does about formulating an effective economic policy for Britain as a whole. Something that even the Bank of England has accepted in a recent report. His statement that “I don’t think too many have come” and that he does not believe that immigration from EU nations into Britain is too high is ignorant at best and meant to deceive at worst. It also puts both Corbyn, and now the Labour party, as an outlier in terms of understanding the effects of EU migration on the UK.

“During the Labour leadership campaign Labour leadership contender Andy Burnham said, “EU Immigration has made working people poorer”. He has also noted that mass immigration from Europe has damaged some communities and made working people poorer stating: "For too long, Labour has gone along with the idea that free movement on the current rules benefits everyone and affects all areas equally. Well, you know what: it's just not true. In places, it has benefited private companies more than people and communities. Yvette Cooper, another contender, said that it was not "racist" to worry about the impact of immigration and that the former Labour government had got it wrong. She wanted smarter "controls and targets" promising to bring the problem under control. Typically, these were never spelt out.

“Unlike Cooper and Burnham, Jeremy Corbyn has ignored the lessons from the disastrous immigration policies under Blair and Brown that allowed the ‘substitution effect’ of unfettered mass EU migration to displace UK workers and increase the number of a dispossessed, impoverished, UK ‘underclass’. This is a group of clearly identifiable British people, often corralled on ‘sink council’ estates, who are unemployed, underemployed or unemployable and who are more and more hopelessly set apart from our nation at large and do not share in its life, its ambitions and its achievements. By allowing these UK citizens and potential members of the labour force to be substituted by immigrant labour and paying benefits instead of helping them to become productive members of our society, pro-EU Tory, Labour and Liberal politicians have doomed whole sections of our communities to lives with little or no hope.

“In his speech today Jeremy Corbyn has demonstrated that the Labour Party under his leadership will repeat and amplify the mistakes of previous Government’s by staying within the EU and making no attempt whatsoever to challenge the free movement of people rules that have crushed the aspirations of so many of our people. Shamefully, unless Britain votes to Leave on 23 June, all they can expect is more of the same.”

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