Jeremy Corbyn’s election will undoubtedly result in a rise of support for UKIP across Wales

Published Sep 12, 2015

nathangill.jpgToday the socialist Labour Party did something historic. They elected their first genuinely socialist leader in more than a generation. They also took a giant leap into the past, rather than embrace the opportunities of the future.

Commenting on the election of Jeremy Corbyn as Leader of the Labour Party, Nathan Gill MEP, Leader of UKIP in Wales, said: “Today’s result could have been the start of a new era for the Labour Party, but what is more likely is that we will witness more of the infighting that we have come to expect from Labour over these past years.

"We are likely to see a Labour party torn apart by rival factions: one idealistic but not realistic and one determined to achieve power at any price.

"Far from being the end of UKIP, as many journalists have argued it will be, Jeremy Corbyn’s election will undoubtedly result in a rise of support for UKIP across Wales as many traditional and new labour voters look for a more progressive alternative.”

Speaking about Jeremy Corbyn’s election this lunchtime, Blair Smillie, a leading UKIP member and the great-grandson of Labour Party founder Robert Smillie commented:

“The Labour Party of 100 years ago was a great force for good. It was a necessary counterweight to the Tory party and its creation and growth drove many of the reforms that have improved the quality of life for ordinary working people in the years since.

"But the solutions of the past will never work for the future; the issues facing our country today require a different approach. But Labour under Jeremy Corbyn is not interested in sensible policy-making, only rabble-rousing. He is focused on recreating a so-called ‘golden age’, which in reality never actually existed.

"Only UKIP acknowledges the root causes of the problems our country faces today and has a fully-costed plan for addressing these issues.”

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