Jeremy Corbyn wants to see a return to the class war politics of the past

Published Apr 06, 2017

DavidKurtenWeb.jpgUKIP Education Spokesman David Kurten today lambasted Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn's announcement that he will add VAT to private school fees:

"Jeremy Corbyn’s plan to add VAT to private schools fees is a return to the class war politics of the past and will be entirely counter-productive.

"The Independent Schools sector accounts for around 650,000 pupils; roughly around 6.5% of the school population.

"Adding VAT onto private school tuition will squeeze the already overstretched middle classes forcing many parents to send their children to schools in the state sector, further adding to the shortage of places and increasing the strain they are already facing.

"He has also neglected to include in his announcement that the state saves around £6,000 on average for each child who attends a private school. His plan would see taxpayers picking up the bill for tens of thousands of children who will be forced out of private schools and into the state sector.

"Once again we see an ill-conceived policy from a party that wishes to stifle aspiration and perpetuate class divide for its own agenda."

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