Jill Seymour MEP has condemned the ‘silent surrender’ of yet more British powers to the European Union over the weekend


JillSeymour.jpgWhile David Cameron promised to renegotiate our relationship with the EU in the wake of an outrageous £1.7 billion extra cash demand, another 44 powers were being passed from the UK to Brussels on November 1.

 “The transfer happened on Saturday, almost un-noticed, and unreported,” said Jill, UKIP’s Transport spokesman and MEP for the West Midlands.

 “The transfer of these powers – in important areas such as border controls, criminal law, immigration, and police co-operation - took place under powers which were surrendered by the UK to the European Union under the Lisbon Treaty.

“When Britain signed that piece of paper, it agreed that numerous areas of policy would now be decided by a system of Qualified Majority Voting, and Britain was doomed to lose its power to stop new laws in the European Council.

"The British people were of course denied a referendum on Lisbon, despite promises by Labour and a ‘cast iron guarantee’ by the Conservatives.

“And so, on Saturday, Mr Cameron sat by helplessly as he willingly gave up control of yet more decision-making, in areas which impact on all of our lives.

“It is all very well to talk a good game on Europe, but it means nothing if it is not backed up by actions.

“And we all know what has to be done – put our membership of the EU to the British public, in a straightforward ‘in or out?’ referendum.”

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