Jill Seymour: "Our six-point plan to put British road and rail travel back in the fast lane"


JillSeymour.jpgHere’s an at-a-glance guide to Jill Seymour’s speech to the UKIP conference in Doncaster, outlining some of the party’s key transport policies:


UKIP will scrap all plans for the High Speed 2 rail network 

Jill said: “The white elephant known as HS2, the High Speed 2 rail network linking Birmingham to London, is the biggest transport outrage of them all.

“While our conventional railways remain woefully under-funded and ticket prices spiraling out of control, it appears they are oblivious to the escalating cost of this vanity project.

“£55 billion will be spent on a track which cuts through huge swathes of countryside, destroying ancient woodlands, even crossing through cemeteries, and picturesque hamlets, never mind the impact on our established wildlife.

“These are precious parts of our history, our heritage, which can never be replaced.

“HS2 is part of the European Integrated Network, which will serve a minority, to the detriment of the majority, and saddles British taxpayers with a mortgage it will be paying off for generations.

“Most of us will never use HS2, but we will still be obligated to pay for it. This is not cheap – in fact, it works out to about £1,400 pounds for every hard working family in the country.

“Bad enough that this sort of money is being spent, but to rub salt into the wound, dozens of the bureaucrats masterminding HS2 will be paid more than the Prime Minister.

“You would laugh, if it wasn’t such a disgraceful miscarriage of justice. Meanwhile, our existing rail network remains something of a laughing stock in other parts of the developed world.

“Whilst the Conservatives and Labour parties continue to support HS2, I simply do not find the arguments compelling, or proven. There is no business case.

“And no amount of compensation can replace the loss of people’s homes, and communities, against their will.”

Toll Roads

UKIP will block the introduction of any new toll roads . . . and work towards removing existing tolls from all roads

Jill said: “We already pay our car taxes, and yet extra road tolls seem to be creeping across the country at an alarming rate.

“Where does this money go? It certainly doesn’t seem to be ploughed back into the road network, judging by the number of routes which are covered in potholes, and generally in a poor state of repair.

“Collectively, British drivers now pay around £50 Billion every year in road and vehicle related taxes. Shouldn’t that be enough?

“Given the opportunity, a UKIP government would ensure our roads are maintained to a much higher standard.

“Charging to use our busiest motorways or trunk roads is adding insult to injury to the already over-burdened British driver.

“UKIP would scrap any plans to bring in ‘pay as you go’ road pricing. The taxes we already pay as road users should be more than enough to afford the best road network in the world.

“Putting road tolls on top of the fuel tax, excise duty and VAT which we already pay, is simply wrong.

“Most modern families cannot function without a car . . . it is not a luxury, but a necessity.

“UKIP understands this, and we will act wherever possible to keep motoring costs under control. The bell could soon be tolling, on road tolls . . . enough is enough.”

The haulage industry

UKIP will scrap the Certificate of Professional Competence

Jill said: “Thanks to our crazy, meddling friends in the European Parliament, all of Britain’s professional lorry drivers now have to pass a new training standard.

“The Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) is a menace. It’s expensive, over-complicated, and it is causing many truck and bus drivers to either lose their jobs, or take early retirement.

“The result is a shortage of registered drivers in an industry which is battling hard to get itself back on its feet.

“It is being kicked in the teeth by the EU, which always thinks it knows what’s best for Britain. Hard-working people should not be losing their livelihoods - we see no need for drivers to undertake this unnecessary and expensive course.

“Our traditional driver training course, which has been in place for many years, is a proven system which has served us well. If it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it . . . that’s what we say.

“So why won’t the European Union ever learn? This is another reason why we do not need, or want, to be part of the EU.”
The ‘Brit Disc’

UKIP would introduce a port of entry charge, which would apply to every foreign-registered vehicle entering the UK

Jill said: “There has been an increase in foreign-registered vehicles on the UK roads, where some skip safety checks, or escape fines.

“I believe we should have a record of every vehicle using our roads, where they should all contribute to the upkeep and maintenance of our road network.

“That’s where a new innovation we’re calling the ‘Brit Disc’ comes in. Proof of payment would have to be displayed on a Brit Disc for every foreign registered vehicle entering the UK.

“The disc would be a time-sensitive document displayed on the inside of the windscreen.

“Several other countries already use this system with great success; it is an easy way for enforcement agencies to see if the foreign vehicle is being used legally on our roads.

“The Brit Disc is a simple, low-cost and effective way of ensuring all vehicles entering the UK are making a contribution to the upkeep of our roads which are so vital for our economy.

“Let’s face it, countries on the other side of the Channel are quick enough to start taking money off our hauliers and car owners. 

Electric cars

UKIP will scrap the electric car subsidy

Jill said: “While families have seen their disposable income falling, the price of electricity has been going up, and up.

“So why is it that some of the wealthiest people in the land - people who really don’t have money worries - are given free electricity to charge their electric cars?

“In the middle of London they get free parking places at electric charging points, all paid for by the taxpayer. Which bright spark thought that was a good idea?

“The government is not only spending £400 million building thousands of new charging points, they also give a £5,000 taxpayer-funded subsidy to anyone buying a new electric vehicle, irrespective of how much these people earn.

“It’s time to pull the plug . . . turn off the switch . . . short-circuit this madness. The benefits of electrically driven vehicles should stand for themselves. If people want them, they should pay for them, just like everyone else.”

Public Transport

UKIP will keep concessionary bus passes for pensioners and disabled people

Jill said: “Not everyone can afford a new car; millions of us rely every day on public transport.

“For pensioners and disabled people, access to free or concessionary bus travel is a vital lifeline, preventing them from becoming isolated.

“UKIP pledges that it will keep concessionary bus passes for pensioners and disabled people, and protect those vulnerable who rely on public transport as their only means of transport.”

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