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How to help my campaign:

 Call: 07555 136 601


Visit: UKIP Campaign HQ on 18 Market Square, Royton OL2 5QD

 Michael Meacher was a conviction politician who worked hard for the voters of Oldham West & Royton. He represented the people of this constituency, for a party that no longer represents anybody.

Whether you’ve voted Labour in the past, or Conservative, what you share with me is the deep disappointment at having been let down by a self-serving political class.

I used to believe in Labour. Like many in my family before me I thought that the Labour Party believed in representing the hard working people of our country. That was a long time ago. Far from believing in the people of Britain, Corbyn’s Labour Party would rather sympathise with the IRA than sing our national anthem to honour our brave armed forces.


I’m standing in this by-election to fight for what I believe in. I’m standing to fight for what is best for Britain. I’m standing for the unwritten future of our children and grandchildren. I’m standing for you and I want to tell you my top priorities for this election.

UKIP believe in the NHS and with my party I will fight to keep the NHS free at the point of use. When they were in power, the Labour Party not only supported but encouraged the fat cat privatisation of the NHS with PFI deals.

UKIP is opposed to mass, uncontrolled immigration. We are the only party prepared to take on the establishment and regain control of our borders. David Cameron is unwilling, unprepared and incapable of doing it. His Tories can’t take on the establishment, they are the establishment.

I want to live in a country where I can feel safe again. How can we possibly combat criminal gangs when we’re importing organised crime, unchecked from overseas? Right now we can’t even look into the backgrounds of people who come into this country. The Labour Party did that, and the Tories can’t fix it.

I think it’s time that somebody took a stand and protected our national identity. I’m unashamedly patriotic, I’m proud to be British and proud of all of the people in our country.

As a Mancunian, I believe that the fight to get our country back should start here, in Oldham West & Royton. It’s time that someone stood up against the political class and addressed the genuine concerns that Westminster don’t want to talk about.

Together we can make a change.

That’s why I’m here standing for UKIP in this election and why I’m asking for your support.


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