Jonathan Arnott MEP says that negotiations to deport foreign criminals should start at the earliest opportunity


Jonathan-Arnott.jpgNegotiations to deport foreign criminals should start at the earliest opportunity to ‘free up’ prison places and keep our streets safe, UKIP North East Euro MP, Jonathan Arnott has said.

Shocking new statistics have shown that 90 rapists have dodged prison and received just a caution over the last four years, despite the crime carrying a maximum sentence of life imprisonment.

The figures also revealed that since the coalition came to power, police issued almost 15,000 cautions for offences that would typically result in jail – including 2,279 for sexual assault, 783 for robbery and 11,347 for burglary.

Jonathan Arnott said “It's an absolute disgrace that hardened criminals are escaping prison with merely a slap on the wrists. Prisons in this country are full to the brim. It's increasingly apparent that our Justice system would rather throw cautions around like confetti instead of dealing with the prison places crisis."

Figures released earlier this year by the government showed that Ministers were wasting £25million a year to keep 850 foreign prisoners behind bars, after they had served their sentence, because they cannot be deported.

A total of 35 foreign prisoners have remained in jail for between two and five years, 100 for between one and two years and 705 for a year or less – the equivalent of two good sized prisons.

​However, in many cases, foreign criminals are able to scotch their removal by using the Human Rights Act, including article 8, the right to a family life.

Arnott added “If someone comes to the country, commits a crime, we should be able to able to negotiate their deportation at the earliest opportunity. It is disgusting that whilst families across the country are having to use food banks in order to survive, the country is spending millions of pounds to place foreign criminals in prison.

“Deporting foreign criminals would free up prison places, enabling the judicial system to tackle serious crime, and put an end to the caution culture once and for all”.​

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