Juncker demands EU “tax harmonisation” to dodge allegations of state aid illegality

Published Sep 18, 2015

christopher_mills.jpgIn an attempt to divert attention from his own possible involvement in Luxembourg's corporation tax affairs while he was the country’s Prime Minister, Jean Claude Juncker, the European Council President has demanded tax harmonisation across the EU.

“We need to move towards tax harmonization.” he demanded while denying that he had anything to do with setting taxation rates while Prime Minister.

Christopher Mills, the UKIP Business spokesman said, “It is typical of the inveterate Eurocrat that Mr Juncker is that he will try and avoid difficult questions about his own conduct by trying to force through greater European integration. To people like him, there isn't a problem there isn't a crisis, there isn't a question to which the answer is not “More European Union”.

"Harmonisation of tax regimes will only have the impact of making European Countries less competitive in the global market and drive business our of the European Union, and therefore out of the UK into the wider world.

"Harmonisation has failed, is failing and will continue to fail in almost every area it has been tried, and to try to impose it on corporation tax will just be another example.

"Why should British business suffer reduced competitiveness, and the UK Government be hamstrung in the Global market in order to spare the legal blushes of a posturing Eurocrat?”

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