Juncker's decision to commemorate Marx speaks volumes

Published Apr 27, 2018

The decision of the European Commission President to unveil a statue to and speak at the celebrations of Karl Marx's 200th anniversary celebrations in Trier is a travesty say UKIP.

Margot Parker MEP, the party's Deputy Chairman said,

"When you think of all the murder and misery caused by Marx's ideas over the years this is an extraordinary decision by the European Commission President.
"The Commission argues that "Whatever people's views of Marx, I don't think anyone can deny he shaped history. Not speaking about him would be to deny history." 
"Yes he changed history, but many have and few have done so with such appalling results. This is a direct slap in the face of the former Soviet bloc countries of Eastern Europe, so much for common values.
"One has to wonder what other figures from history they would like to celebrate, in order to recognise that they changed history? Who knows someday in the future they might be building statues to Nigel Farage."


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