Keep the Commonwealth Flag Flying


commonwealth-logo.jpgCommonwealth Day is an important occasion which should be celebrated throughout the UK, says UKIP Deputy Leader Paul Nuttall.

"I know the Commonwealth flag is raised at several town halls and I hope that this year even more will do so to commemorate the day. Local authorities and public bodies are all to happy to fly the flag of the European Union, at the expense of our Union Flag or the flag of St George, for fear of causing offence.

"We must not forget that our friends in the Commonwealth are our own kith and kin. We have a shared language, heritage and culture that far surpasses anything we share with continental Europe.

"It is a sadness to me that we continue to tie ourselves down to the only trading block in the world that remains terminally stagnant when we should be rekindling our relationship to a voluntary block that encompasses fast growing, emerging economies such as Nigeria, India and Malaysia.

"It is right that Commonwealth Day is marked with the flag flying ceremonies and I hope that this will become an annual event at every town hall in the land and not just some."

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