Labour accused of 'Blatant Hypocrisy' over primary school places

Published Apr 04, 2015

PaulNutall-new1.jpgTristram Hunt, Labour's education spokesman has blamed the appalling shortfall in primary school places on education policy and free schools, rather than his own government's throwing open the doors to uncontrolled immigration from Eastern Europe.

The Local Government Association has admitted that two in five local councils will have a shortfall in places at primary schools by next year, and that there will be a shortfall of 880,000 places before 2025.

Paul Nuttall MEP, the UKIP education spokesman said, "There is only one bit of truth to what Tristram Hunt says, and that is that there is a shameful shortage of primary school places, but it isn’t because of Free Schools as he says, it’s down to mass uncontrolled immigration, brought in by Labour and supported by the Tories and Lib Dems."

"Of course, he can’t say that because by refusing the public a vote on our EU membership, Labour are still in favour of mass-immigration, and they know that’s at odds with public opinion."

"No wonder voters are so fed-up with establishment politicians, they are blatantly hypocritical like this and mistakenly think the public won’t see through them."

"Controlling immigration is a vital part in making sure each child has the primary school place their parents want for them. Without controls on immigration we will never know how many places we need, that’s why Labour’s plans won’t work."

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