Labour and Tories support EU restriction on Oven Gloves and it's not a joke

Published Jan 20, 2016

Jill_Seymour.jpgLabour and Tories MEPs voted in the European Parliament today to support the European Commission in the restriction of oven gloves in a legislative report on Personal Protective Equipment.

UKIP MEP for the West Midlands Jill Seymour said:

"First the EU came for your vacuum cleaner, then your oven and now in a new bout of craziness, even our oven gloves. What is the EU going to restrict next? Soap?

People are adult and intelligent enough too decided themselves if they wish to use oven gloves.

I am appalled that the rapporteur was this report was Tory MEP Vicky Ford and that Labour and Tory MEPs voted in favour of this rubbish.  Vicky Ford claimed a victory in excluding washing-up gloves. If this is a victory I would hate to see defeat!

"I think it is ridiculous that oven gloves will now be subject to the same safety checks that Hard Hats and Safety Goggles go through."

Forcing businesses who manufacture oven gloves to go through this extra level of bureaucracy is ridiculous, this will add an extra cost to the manufacturing process and ultimately it will be the public who will have to pay, as businesses cannot afford to absorb these extra costs."

"The Conservative party in the UK act like they are the champions of small businesses, but in Europe the Tories are voting for even more red tape"

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