Labour are now running scared of UKIP

Published Apr 27, 2015

Nigel_Twitter.jpegUKIP Leader Nigel Farage: “The Labour Party is now running scared of UKIP. It has lost the big arguments on the impact of uncontrolled immigration on working class communities up and down the land.

“Working people have experienced at first-hand the wage compression, high youth unemployment, long housing waiting lists, struggle for school places, pressure on health services and loss of community cohesion ushered in by Labour’s open door approach.

“Labour is now haemorrhaging votes to UKIP as its traditional supporters come to realise how out of touch its privileged metropolitan leadership is from the lives of working people.

“So it is resorting to unwarranted slurs. I would urge all UKIP members and supporters to rise above the latest deplorable smears emanating from Mr Umunna. We only have to wait till polling day to get our own back.

“He is playing the race card because he has no political argument left to make. There is nothing racist about wanting to control immigration and UKIP will continue to make the case for an Australian-style points system and for putting the interests of British people from every ethnic background first.”

The last three Survation polls have shown a sharply rising proportion of UKIP supporters drawn from people who voted Labour in 2010. April 17 – 7.2%, April 23 – 14.7%, April 25 – 19.3%.

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