Labour defence team chaos means UKIP is the only realistic opposition

Published Jan 06, 2016

Mike_Hookem.jpgUKIP Defence Spokesman, Mike Hookem MEP has slammed Jeremy Corbyn for his “weak” leadership on UK defence, saying, “rather than re-asserting his authority over his shadow cabinet, he has made it a laughing stock.”

Mr Hookem, a former soldier, who has been UKIP’s Defence Spokesman since he became an MEP in 2014 said; “The UK faces a diverse range of threats at the moment, and with a party in power who pay mere lip service to our armed forces and national defence, now more than ever we need a strong opposition to challenge the government and force them to secure this country.”

“However, rather than making sure the UK is secure against terrorism and that our troops have the correct kit to operate; Corbyn seems more bothered about consolidating his grip on power in the Labour party by sacking those who disagree with his crackpot defence policies and who blame western intervention for terrorism, simply to replace them with his socialist cronies’”

“Just take Emily Thornberry being appointed as shadow defence secretary. This is a woman who was forced to resign over derogatory remarks about a home flying the St Georges Cross with a white van outside during a 2014 by-election; has links to CND; and who is reported to have been paid by a disgraced law firm who are under investigation for bringing claims that were “wholly and entirely without merit” and based on “deliberate and calculated lies” against British troops.”

“And it seems that I’m not the only one questioning Corbyn’s choices following a raft of resignations from the Labour front bench over the changes, including shadow defence minister, Kevan Jones.”

“These changes to Labour’s front bench team prove that they are no longer credible on a wide range of issues, but especially on defence and defeating terrorism. They have now gagged any opposition to Corbyn ”

“This leaves only UKIP as the only credible opposition to a government who continues to pour money away while our troops go wanting.”

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