Labour Donor Defects to UKIP, Tells Fellow Members to Vote for Farage's Party


Labour Party donor and and stalwart of the Labour's 'Finance and Industry Group' (LFIG) Ian Wallace has today announced that he is joining UKIP after becoming disillusioned by the direction the Labour Party has taken. Mr Wallace has called on Labour members to join UKIP alongside him, to vote for them in tomorrow's European and local elections, and indeed give them support in the 2015 general election.

Mr Wallace, who has been a part of the Labour Party since the late 1970s, said that he now finds himself at increasingly odds with the Ed Miliband's party's polices over a whole range of issues, particularly on immigration and Britain's relationship with the European Union. He leaves the party "more in sorrow than in anger" and has today joined UKIP's policy scrutiny committee.

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