Labour Minister, Carl Sargeant claims the British Empire is responsible for modern-day slave labour

Published Sep 21, 2017

Welsh Assembly News: Labour’s Cabinet Secretary for Communities and Children, Carl Sargeant claims there is no problem in the UK with Mass, Uncontrolled Immigration and the British Empire is responsible for Slave Labour.

UKIP Assembly Member for South Wales East David Rowlands today raised the important issue of modern-day slave labour and migrant gangs in Wales, in a question to the Cabinet Secretary for Communities and Children. Welsh Government Minister Carl Sargeant denied that mass immigration existed and that somehow the British Empire was at fault for slavery in 2017.

David stated:

“According to Labour Minister Carl Sargeant, slavery in the UK over the last two decades is due to Britain’s actions in the 1700’s, which he alleges introduced slavery He forgets to mention that it was Britain that passed the Anti-Slavery Act and that slavery was endemic across the globe before the British Empire was formed .

“It is only since the accession of the eastern European states into the EU and the consequence of mass immigration that this country has seen a huge amount of exploitation of migrant workers by migrant gangs. We now have a country where slavery or near slavery is widespread!

“Labour and especially their fascist left contingent would rather stick to their mantra that all immigration is totally beneficial, even when the facts clearly show a negative effect. UKIP will continue to campaign for a fair, controlled, points-based immigration system.”

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