Labour/Plaid ‘consensus’ on immigration is intellectually bankrupt

Published Jun 22, 2017

The UKIP Wales debate on immigration was hijacked by a reactionary and bigoted response from Labour and Plaid Cymru members in the Senedd yesterday.

Rather than engaging in constructive debate on the negative effects of immigration on wages, both parties chose destructively to smear UKIP members and they deliberately ignored the crux of the debate.

Our proposition asked the Assembly to note the Bank of England’s study on wage compression and develop a fair, but firm immigration system, which would help stop the stagnation of wages in Wales.

In response, Labour’s Jeremy Miles claimed that we “have forfeited any right to be heard on this issue”. This was an outrageous attack, which besmirches the 132,138 electors in Wales who chose us to represent them in the Assembly.

Plaid’s Leanne Wood claimed that we, “[use] Nazi-style propaganda to make [our] points and speak in a tone in this debate which fuels people’s fears, prejudices and bigotry.”

This is a typically absurd claim, which totally avoided reference to our debate points. Leanne Wood used most of her speaking time to smear UKIP, instead of addressing the problem of stagnating wages for working people in Wales.

It appears that the Labour/Plaid ‘consensus’ in the Assembly is one grounded on bigotry and hypocrisy. Whilst preaching tolerance and constructive approaches, they choose destructive and violent language, which attacks the person, not the argument.

These exchanges demonstrate how intellectually bankrupt they are on the issue of immigration and how out of touch their parties have become with the working-class people of Wales.

UKIP will continue to stand up and speak truth to power in this Assembly and expose this ‘consensus’ for what it is: the Welsh political class thumbing its nose at the people of Wales.

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