Labour makes it plain as they rule out English votes for English laws


labour_english_votes_final_(1).pngThe Labour Party has today said it will not take part in cross-party discussions about "English votes for English laws".

As the House of Commons debated UK devolution, Labour said it would boycott the body set up to examine the role of English MPs in Parliament.

Sign this petition to show you believe there should be a Voice for England.

Sign the petition if you believe that there should be:

  1. English only votes in Westminster. We're asking Scottish MPs for their commitment to not vote on English matters that would otherwise fall within devolved powers if they related to Scotland.
  2. Revision of the Barnett Formula. We want a full debate and vote in the House of Commons to rebalance this arbitrary and out-of-date concept.
  3. No taxation without equal representation. The Electoral Commission must determine new boundaries for the constituencies of Scottish MPs so that the average number of constituents more closely resembles that in England.
  4. A Constitutional Convention. Such a Convention needs to be rapidly established to put in place a plan for a Federal UK.

We're confident that fulfilling these reasonable requests is vital to retaining the confidence of the electorate in a United Kingdom in which so many powers have been devolved.​

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