Labour's decision to oppose Brexit Bill is a monstrous betrayal of its voters, says UKIP

Published Sep 05, 2017

The decision of the Labour Party to whip its MPs to vote against the EU Withdrawal Bill is a monstrous betrayal of the millions of Labour voters who voted to leave the EU, says UKIP interim leader Steve Crowther.

"It also finally explodes the myth that Jeremy Corbyn is a man who sticks by his principles. First he reneged on Labour's promises over student debts, and now he has betrayed the 17.4 million people who voted for Brexit in the greatest ever exercise in democracy this country has ever seen – including more than 4 million patriotic Labour voters – and the million former UKIP voters who trusted him in this year’s election.
“Corbyn has now been captured by the Blairites, because he would rather give Mrs May a bloody nose than serve the people by upholding his principles and keeping his promises.
“The Government is crumbling before the EU’s bullying tactics, and Labour has changed sides. As expected, UKIP is now the only party fully committed to giving the people the Brexit they voted for."
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