Labour's defence team are playing poker without a full deck of cards if Trident hash up is anything to go by

Published Jan 18, 2016

Mike_Hookem.jpegUKIP defence spokesman Mike Hookem MEP has described Jeremy Corbyn's Trident 'compromise' as "as pointless as a chocolate teapot," saying "There is no point in having a nuclear deterrent if it doesn't have any warheads on board."

"Mr Corbyn's attempts to please everyone in the Labour Party by maintaining Trident submarines to stop job losses whilst keeping his holier than thou disarmament agenda is pathetic and unworkable.

"Combined with a leader who has said he would never authorise the use of nuclear weapons Labour have presented the country with a shadow defence secretary who was involved with a company which made millions accusing British soldiers of atrocities implementing policies which are not only pointless but a complete waste of money.


"His nuclear deterrent is no deterrent at all."

Mr Hookem also added that the hard left leader has also "managed to upset the overwhelming majority of Falkland Islanders who wish to remain British as well as those who risked or gave their lives to defend the Island.

"When we put together the catalogue of disasters that is Labour's defence team and the half-baked ideas masquerading as policies we can see that a Labour government would have this country unsecured and our forces run down and demoralised.

"It's clear they are playing poker without a full deck of cards."

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