Labour’s endless lies about UKIP and the NHS are a sign of their total desperation


bours2-e1404806711180.jpgLabour’s endless lies about UKIP and the NHS are a sign of their total desperation, is the message from UKIP’s health spokesman, in response to Andy Burnham’s recent allegations that the anti-EU party want to privatise the NHS.

Louise Bours MEP, UKIP’s health chief said: “Not only is it a downright lie to say we want to privatise the NHS, it is also the height of hypocrisy coming from the party responsible for giving £10bn of NHS money a year to profit making investors.

“They are lying because they are desperate, they have been unmasked as being as disinterested in working people as the Tories, and real people are dropping them by the truck load.

“Just today we hear that Milliband is the most unpopular Labour leader in history, even among his own supporters.

“What Labour don’t seem to understand is that policies develop and change over time, and the comments he is relying on to lie to the public are two years old.

“I’m baffled as to why he doesn’t understand that policies can change, since his own party have changed so many of their own.

“Last year they reversed their child benefit policy, a year ago they were calling it racist to reduce immigration, in the last couple of months they have reversed their policy of not wanting to renegotiation with the EU.

“I welcome these changes, if they are genuine, and that is what politics is about – developing policies as circumstances and public opinion changes.

“That is called democracy, no wonder Labour don’t recognise it.”

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