Labour's plan to tackle the decline of pubs is anything but

Published May 16, 2017

Paul.jpgUKIP Leader and long time advocate of UKIP's "Save the Pub Campaign" Paul Nuttall said, "Labour has announced plans that are intended to tackle the decline of pubs however, they will do anything but that.

"Their plans demonstrate a complete lack of joined up thinking. Whilst guaranteeing to list all pubs as "assets of community value" to help stop them being sold off to supermarket chains and the like is laudable, when combined with an refusal to rule out a rise in beer duty it is nothing but an empty gesture. Protecting pubs from becoming supermarkets, while at the same time reinforcing the supermarkets ability to undercut pub prices is fantasy economics, and a cruel fantasy at that.

"Ever rising beer duty is driving pubs out of business. Labour's "plan" would kill pubs through tax, while thumping a few extra nails in their coffins as pub cos and publicans would be condemned to penury by ever rising beer duty and unable to offload failed assets due to a universal listing of pubs as assets of community value. On a case by case basis it is good that pubs can be listed, but it is not always the best solution.

"Labour's policy makers may be confused, as despite their name, Public Houses are private enterprises first and foremost. They are treating pubs like state owned community centres.

"What brewers, publicans and pub-goers alike need is a sensible plan to save the pub, Labour's is not it."

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