Labour to 'Turbocharge Immigration' by calling in 100's of thousands unskilled immigrants threatening working class wages and jobs

Published May 31, 2017


"The leaked Labour document makes it crystal clear that Labour has no intention of controlling immigration; in fact Labour wants to turbocharge it, encouraging millions of immigrants to come to the UK, especially unskilled ones", said John Bickley, the UKIP immigration spokesman.

"Labour simply doesn't care about the impact 100's of thousands of unskilled migrants will have on working class jobs, wages, school places, hospital beds, GP appointments and social cohesion. Labour no longer represents the working class of this country; it's more interested in farming and nurturing votes from ethnic communities who they believe to be a Labour client state. Labour sees electoral advantage in encouraging mass immigration as the majority of migrants that eventually gain voting rights have tended to vote Labour. Since 1997 Labour has been engaged in an exercise of 'rigging' the population to gain votes.

"We know the Tories promise to cut immigration to the 'Tens of Thousands' is a hollow sham, with net immigration still in the hundreds of thousands, despite two Tory prime ministers making the promise. After seven years in government they have yet to set out a plan of how they will achieve their promise, indicating that they are taking the British people for mugs. According to a recent survey, not a single Cabinet Minister was able to point to where cuts will be made destroying any illusions that they are serious.

"Only UKIP has put forward a plan to control immigration, achieving net zero migration over five years, stopping low and unskilled immigration for five years after we leave the EU, insisting that immigrants have health insurance and cannot receive benefits for five years and only after they have paid employment taxes for five years.

"The UK cannot keep taking in a city the size of Hull or Newcastle every year. In the twenty two years before Labour came to power in 1997 net immigration was c.8,000 a year; it's now running between 250,000 to 300,000"

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