The true face of Labour: Why Emily Thornberry had to go after insulting Tweet showed her true colours


PatrickOflynn.jpgWhen Emily Thornberry was canvassing in Rochester today she came across a house with three England flags and a white van, and promptly tweeted, “I’ve Never Seen Anything Like it Before”.

Just hours later, the shadow attorney general who lives in a £3m London home resigned after being accused of holding working class voters in contempt.


UKIP's Patrick O'Flynn MEP said "Labour are yet again demonising any expressions of patriotism. As soon as they leave their metropolitan bubble many of them feel acutely uncomfortable.

"Emily Thornberry is in danger of turning into Labour's very own Matthew Parris; both have utter contempt for aspirational people who seek to earn their own living, pay their own bills, improve the circumstances of their families and are unashamedly patriotic. The only white vans that MPs like Emily Thornberry deserve to see are removal vans taking away their trappings of office away next May.

"Clearly if you wish to deter Labour politicians from bothering you by knocking at your door, stick an England flag in your window and they'll run a mile."

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