Latest Ashcroft poll shows UKIP on course to make history in Thurrock

Published Apr 25, 2015

11180186_10205257567091788_420910396_n.jpgToday’s latest Lord Ashcroft poll shows that UKIP is “on course to make history in Thurrock” according to UKIP candidate Tim Aker.

The poll shows again that UKIP are leading in the constituency, by 7% before data weighting or 4% after. Labour are second and the Tories third as with the previous Ashcroft poll.

Tim Aker said: “This latest poll shows yet again that UKIP is on course to make history in Thurrock. If you vote UKIP here, you will get a local UKIP MP here working for the whole community.

“This election is a straight fight between me and Ed Miliband’s candidate. Voting Tory in Thurrock achieves nothing except help Ed Miliband’s candidate.

“As the only local candidate, I hope Thurrock residents lend me their support so that we can take back control and turn this borough around. Thurrock has been forgotten and on May 7th by voting UKIP, residents can make sure that our local issues become national priorities.”

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