Latest employment figures show we need Brexit to put British workers first

Published May 18, 2016

jane-collins.jpgUKIP Employment spokeswoman Jane Collins MEP has said the latest employment statistics "showed why we need Brexit to put British workers first."

Statistics released today by the ONS showed a dramatic increase in the number of non-UK EU workers active in the UK's labour market.

"Because of EU enlargement and the free movement of people we have 2.15 million workers from the EU - a huge boon to multinational companies who can exploit the oversupply of labour to keep their wages low but not so good for the parts of Britain with serious unemployment problems.

"In the north in particular we have black spots for youth unemployment which has a detrimental effect for the whole of society as some even see turning to crime as a career choice.

"But what does the government and the Westminster elite care when it means they can get cheap nannies and cleaners.

"One in ten people working in the UK were not born here, something which would not be a problem at all if we didn't have qualified British people out of work and the tax payer wasn't having to subsidise minimum wages with tax credits and benefits.

"The whole EU project is bad for the individual, bad for the British worker and bad for communities. It's another crystal clear reason to vote to leave on June 23rd."

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