Latest unemployment figures show the north-south divide

Published Oct 14, 2015

jane-collins.jpgFollowing the announcement of the latest unemployment figures by the Office of National Statistics, UKIP Employment spokesman Jane Collins MEP said:

"It's that north-south divide again! The unemployment rate may have fallen overall but as we've seen in Redcar with the closure of the SSI plant, the damaging impact of EU regulations making manufacturing and heavy industry uncompetitive is losing jobs in the North.

"We've had a summer of bad news for workers in the North, with the closure of two power stations, the loss of jobs at the Young's fish processing plant in Grimsby and two steel companies closing their doors.

"It means thousands of jobs have been lost and the knock on effect for their families and communities is devastating.

"We may hear talk of a 'Northern Powerhouse' but all we've seen from this government is the kind of hot air the environmentalists want to stop."

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