Launch of UKIP Local Elections Campaign 2016

Published Apr 07, 2016

UKIP is today launching its 2016 Local Elections campaign with a national day of action across the English council areas up for election on May 5th. Also being launched today is UKIP’s Local Elections Manifesto as well as the Party’s first Local Elections Party Election Broadcast which goes out across ITV at 18:25 (excluding ITV London) and BBC One at 18:55 (excluding BBC One London) this evening.

You can find both the Manifesto and the Broadcast at our 2016 Local Elections hub:

UKIP Leader Nigel Farage: "UKIP is the only party showing real growth in local Government, while the other parties are trying to hang on to what they have. This is because local government is under pressure and services are stretched due to the government’s open door policy combined with reduced funding. UKIP will change this, put people first and stop mass uncontrolled immigration which is pushing our infrastructure to breaking point.

"Every year more and more UKIP councillors are being elected. We are giving people and communities what they deserve, more power for local people and local communities and more say over what happens in your street, village, town and City. We are doing this by offering local referenda on big issues. We promise an alternative of direct democracy and empowering the people who elect us. UKIP is putting democracy back into local government.

"You can be confident that if you vote UKIP, you’ll get UKIP. We are the only party being honest about immigration, jobs and housing; the only party offering a real alternative."

UKIP's Local Government Spokesman Cllr Pete Reeve added, "UKIP Councillors are a breath of fresh air, we are motivated to work on behalf of our communities, we believe passionately in finding alternative ways to deliver local services while keeping tax as low as possible and bringing back democracy to local people.

"Residents vote UKIP because they know they will get a hard working, dedicated Councillor who wants to make a difference."

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