Leaked document shows Labour are running scared


Paul_Nuttall.jpegA leaked Labour strategy document shows what UKIP already knew - they are running scared, says Deputy Party Leader Paul Nuttall.

"They have arrogantly and complacently sat back believing that UKIP only takes votes from the Conservatives. Belatedly they have woken up the threat we pose to their ailing party and are now in headless chicken mode.

"Desperate to stop the potentially fatal haemorrhage of their members to us this document shows how they are trying to airbrush immigration out of the picture. But they opened the gates in the first place with their open door ideology and we are all are now paying the cost.


"People up and down the country, of all political colours, are extremely concerned about uncontrolled immigration and the resulting unsustainable pressure on our health, education, housing and transport services as well as infrastructure. They quite rightly view it as a major issue and it is UKIP that exposed it.

"Now forced into a corner Ed Miliband is promising to tighten up on immigration but while we remain in the EU our borders are wide open and the Labour party has no intention on ever waving goodbye to Brussels.

"UKIP is now the real party that represents the fears and worries of the working class, the Labour party's preening out-of-touch Westminster elite has thrown that mantle away. Our position on migration is clear and is the only honest policy out there. To control all issues surrounding migration, including benefits, Britain would have to leave the European Union. 

"Labour's document speaks of changing the topic if immigration is raised on doorsteps by wavering voters to others such as the NHS. But they are still on sinking sand as they introduced the private finance initiatives which have landed hospital trusts up and down the land with impossible to repay debts.

"UKIP is in a unique and powerful position as we head towards the 2015 General Election as we speak the language of common sense. A universal tongue speaking to the electorate of all backgrounds who have been forgotten, ignored and disrespected by the other political parties.

"In short, this 33 page report exposes what UKIP already knew - Labour is on the brink of losing its seats, particularly in its traditional Northern heartland - and is a party in meltdown."

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