Learn from steel job losses for reality of 'emergency brake'

Published Feb 02, 2016

jane-collins.jpgUKIP Employment Spokeswoman Jane Collins MEP has warned the Prime Minister's 'emergency brake' will be "as useful as the state aid rules which denied the government the right to help our steel industry."

Speaking from Strasbourg, the Yorkshire MEP said all Mr Cameron had managed to negotiate was another method of "going to Brussels with a begging bowl when the inevitable consequences of EU membership puts too much of a burden on the UK economy."

"The deal is so convoluted, with so many coloured cards to wave around if EU legislation is not wanted, that MPs will be more like primary school teachers trying to teach toddlers the colours of the rainbow.

"But it still doesn't address the fundamental problems of sovereignty and of democratic accountability, of uncontrolled migration driving down jobs and the British tax payer topping up low salaries with tax credits.

"What we know, and David Cameron won't admit, is that we aren't part of the EU so our industries can be efficient and productive or even helped by central government to deal with distortions in the market. We're there to bail out everyone else which is the main reason they do not want us to leave.

"British voters need to see past this opaque spin of the Prime Minister and Mr Tusk's and say that since nothing has fundamentally changed, Brexit is the only option if we want this country to thrive and its people to be better off."

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