Let's get the best deal with Turkey: Trade not Free Movement

Published Nov 28, 2017

Turkey is talking about working with the UK to create a post Brexit free tread deal with the UK, at exactly the same time the EU is announcing that its plans for Visa free travel between Turkey and the EU are moving to the final chapter.

William Dartmouth MEP, the UKIP Trade spokesman responded,
"This is a fascinating juxtaposition that highlights the beauty of Brexit. We can work towards free trade deals with the world, but are not physiologically wedded to the idea that to have trade we must have free movement of people. Only the EU and Mercosur do that, the rest of the world are happy to realise that trade and mass migration do not and need not go hand in hand.

"The Turkish Prime Minister, Binali Yildrim's announcement, that a post-Brexit UK-Turkey free trade agreement "...would take place “in parallel” with Brexit negotiations...." and that "... The world is not only made up of the EU. Turkey has free trade agreements with a number of other countries. Forging these agreements does not mean a contradiction with our relations with the EU....” follows neatly after WTO Chief Roberto Azevedo said "...After Brexit, Britain can be “more flexible in its approach and quicker to react within the WTO, as you don’t have to coordinate with all the other members of the EU....”

"When it comes to trade with the wider world it is becoming very clear that after Brexit, to quote Franklin Delano Roosevelt in a different context: "We have nothing to fear but fear itself".

"Meanwhile the EU is committing itself to Visa free travel with Turkey, just as the military defeat of ISIS in Iraq and Syria has driven thousands of battle hardened jihadi fighters out of their former territory. We already know that people from ISIS territories have been involved in a series of terrorist attacks in Europe. To involve ourselves in visa free travel at this time is dangerous to say the least.

"What these two situations make clear, after Brexit the UK will be in the happy position to create trade deals with the world, whilst not accepting the ideological EU position of the EU over linking trade to mass migration".

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