Let's take back control of our waters

Published Jun 15, 2016

l.php.jpgUKIP Leader Nigel Farage today joined fishermen from across the UK to sail up the Thames to Westminster and back with a flotilla of fishing vessels as part of the Fishing for Leave campaign which is calling on people to vote to leave the EU so we can take back control of our waters.

Nigel Farage said, "The Governing principle of the common fisheries policy is that of "equal access to a common resource". Fish stock is that should be within the UK's internationally recognised territorial waters are now shared our European Partners. This has led to a 60% drop in oversized landings and the loss of tens of thousands of jobs in our industry. There are now many harbours without a single commercial vessel, not satisfied with that the EU is now regulating our recreational sea anglers. Under and EU regulation issued in December no Anglers may take a single bass for tea.This is now leading to a loss of jobs in our charter angling fleet.

"Compare and contrast all of this with Norway who control all fishing stocks up to two hundred miles within the North Sea and has a booming commercial and angling tourism industry. EU membership has destroyed our industry.

"Today's flotilla was not a celebration or a party but a full throttled protest. We want our waters back!"

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