Liz Truss makes fresh attempt to fast-track deportations

Published Apr 18, 2017

Following the news that Liz Truss, the Justice Secretary, has announced a new proposal for a new limit for appeals by failed asylum seekers and foreign criminals after a previous scheme was ruled unlawful UKIP Immigration spokesman John Bickley said, "Fat cat, taxpayer funded lawyers, liberal judges and self serving government bureaucracies have made it easy for bogus asylum seekers to play the system and remain in the UK for months, sometimes years at a time.

"It's time the government played hardball and put an absolute limit on the time asylum cases take to process and failed asylum seekers can remain in the UK.

"Putting responsibility for law and order back into the hands of Parliament is key to UKIP’s approach to law and order, justice and internal security across the British Isles.

"We will remove ourselves from the jurisdiction of the European Court of Human Rights: the Strasbourg Court whose interpretation of the European Convention of Human Rights has been known to put the rights of criminals above those of
victims. Our own Supreme Court will act as the final authority on matters of Human Rights.

"We will also repeal Labour’s Human Rights legislation. It has given European judges far too much power over British law making and law enforcement and prevented us deporting terrorists and career criminals and from implementing whole-life sentences.

"In UKIP's 2015 General Election manifesto we stated that we would introduce a fast-track deportation programme to safeguard our national security and ease overcrowding and pressure on our prison service. Foreign prisoners in receipt of custodial sentences will be returned to their country of origin. If they choose to launch an appeal, they must do so from their home country, or the country to which they are deported. They must also pay their own costs, or their home nation must fund their case. This policy will benefit the UK tax payer; is fair to all criminals regardless of origin; and reinstates UK judicial control.

"Of course if the government funded a more robust immigration system and vastly expanded the UK border force by 2,500 (as set out in UKIP's 2015 General Election manifesto) then significantly fewer illegal immigrants and bogus asylum seekers would make it to the UK."

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