llandudno agenda

llandudno agenda

Programme for Spring Conference,
Llandudno, 27th February 

10.00   Opening

               David Rowlands, Chairman of UKIP Wales with Llyr Powell

10.15   London Mayoralty and Assembly

               Peter Whittle and David Kurten

10.35   Scottish Parliament

               David Coburn MEP

10.50   Northern Ireland Assembly

               David McNarry MLA

11.05   Coffee


11.30   Welsh Assembly

               Nathan Gill MEP

               Caroline Jones

               Gethin James

12.00   Party Leader

               Nigel Farage


12.45   Lunch

               The Big Risks of Staying in the EU

13.30   Risk 1: Turkey Joins the EU – Steven Woolfe MEP

13.40   Risk 2: Compromising our National Security – Diane James MEP & Henry Bolton OBE

14.00   Risk 3: TTIP hands the NHS to US corporations – Louise Bours MEP

14.10   Risk 4: The Death of Heavy Industry – Gerard Batten MEP

14.20   Risk 5: Equalities under Threat – Jane Collins MEP and Margot Parker MEP

14.40   Risk 6: VAT on Food, Medicines and Children's Clothes – Jonathan Arnott MEP

14.50   Risk 7: EU Control of our Armed Forces – Mike Hookem MEP


              Better Off Out – The Brexit Bonus

15.00   Gaining Control over Corporate Taxes – Mark Reckless

15.15   A Stronger, Safer Future Outside the EU – William Dartmouth MEP

15.30   Tea


15.50   GO! – The Grassroots Out Initiative  – Richard Murphy and John Flack

               Background to the campaign so far

               The GO campaign strategy

               Getting involved in your local constituency GO Taskforce

               GO activist briefing materials, campaign packs and literature

               Q&A session

17.30   Close

               Paul Nuttall MEP

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