UKIP Logos and Other Artwork


All images are for editorial use by press agencies, journalists, and students in connection with broadcast media and newspaper, news magazine, and educational articles about UKIP and its policies and campaigns. They are also for UKIP branches and other official UKIP entities for their digital and print media literature and campaign materials. Any other use of these materials is strictly prohibited. Under no circumstances may these materials be used for any personal or commercial purposes.

The images on display here are for preview purposes only. The actual image files that have been specially prepared are accessible via the corresponding "Download ZIP archive" links below.

Party Logo

UKIP Logo lock-up UKIP Logo - negative version

UKIP logo lockup

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UKIP logo negative variation

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Social Media

The following graphics are seemingly identical but are actually slightly different in terms of precise width and height dimensions in order to be rendered optimally on each respective social media platform. Make sure you use the correct one.

UKIP Facebook profile picture UKIP Twitter profile picture

Facebook profile picture ("UKIP")

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Twitter profile picture ("UKIP")

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