Londoners' quality of life under threat

Published May 02, 2016

rhRpD6XG.jpgResponding to the CPRE report on the current threat to London's historic and loved greenbelt, Peter Whittle, UKIP's London Mayoral candidate said, "Our capital city could be described as a perfect combination of skyscrapers and greenery. Huge sacrifices have been made over generations to preserve London's green belt and green spaces as an essential part of Londoners quality of life. Although it now appears that this Tory government is relentlessly doing everything in its power to permit mass development on our patrimony.

"If you want to protect London's green belt and green spaces then I am your candidate. I am appalled that of the 275,000 homes that have been already earmarked for building on our green belt 117,000 of them will be in London. No government, no local authority should have the right to deprive Londoners of the fresh air and amenity the green belt provides. I will not sit back and watch London turned into a soulless concrete jungle".

Andrew Charalambous, UKIP's Housing and Environment Spokesman added "We are the only party whose actions and policies prove we are a hundred per cent committed to protecting natural Britain. For us the green belt is sacrosanct. However, unfortunately we are paying the price today for a government without a logical housing strategy and for governments who have failed to properly plan and prepare for open door immigration."

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