Loss of 900 jobs in Scunthorpe devastating for the workers and the local community

Published Oct 20, 2015

jane-collins.jpgUKIP Employment spokeswoman and the local Euro MP for Scunthorpe Jane Collins, has called the announcement by Tata Steel that it is cutting 1200 jobs, 900 of which are in Scunthorpe, "devastating for the workers and the local community."

Speaking this morning on BBC Humberside Mrs Collins said that MPs had very little power to do anything to help because the European Commission controlled state aid spending and said David Cameron had failed to deliver on a 'northern powerhouse'.

"This is a local issue for me, living over the river from Scunthorpe, and I'm devastated; we can't take these job losses in the North," she said. And instead of delivering growth and jobs Mrs Collins said the government had "delivered the reverse" of the Northern Powerhouse. "As unemployment figures drop in the South, they rise in the North."

The Yorkshire Euro MP also spoke out about green levies, pointing out that the outgoing plant manager at Tata Steel Scunthorpe had said that the EU taxes had added £130 million to their costs.

"Green Levy and Climate Change legislation is estimated to cost us £130 million to our industry and that's according not to me, not to UKIP, that's according to the outgoing bosses in Scunthorpe."

"If you are the MP for Scunthorpe and you go down to Westminster, my question is, 'what are you going to do?' The European Commission controls state aid...the actual answer is, you're going to talk about it."

Mrs Collins also questioned why the BBC were not mentioning the costs of climate change legislation but instead only focusing on Chinese dumping which has slashed the global steel price.

"Why are they refusing to admit that green levies have anything to do with green levies and taxes?," she asked. "Even the lack of our seat on the WTO where we could address Chinese behaviour over steel has not been mentioned - presumably because the EU has our seat."

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