Major boost to UKIP in West Norfolk


A major boost took place today, Friday 12th December when five current members of the Borough Council of King's Lynn and West Norfolk decided to join the party. The result of this development makes UKIP the third largest party on the Council. This is a huge boost to UKIP's presence in the Eastern Region.

The Councillors include two former mayors of King's Lynn, a former chairman of the local Conservative Association and a former treasurer of the same association. This will be a major blow to the local Conservatives as they face a tough general election and borough contests next May. North West Norfolk is already a target seat for UKIP in next year's general election and this development adds to the aim of UKIP to make them the largest party on the Borough Council after next May's elections.

Nigel Farage, UKIP Party Leader said: "To have so many Councillors coming over to us in one go is very exciting for UKIP and for North West Norfolk. These individuals have realised that the old parties have forsaken the interests of the British people. I commend them for having the courage to stand up for their beliefs. UKIP now has all to play for in the May elections at both Borough and Parliamentary level."

Richard (Toby) Coke, UKIP's Parliamentary candidate for North West Norfolk, who is also Chairman of the Environment, Transport and Development Committee and the UKIP Group Leader on Norfolk County Council said: "I am delighted that these five Councillors have had the courage to come over to UKIP. They are all determined that UKIP becomes the largest party on the Borough Council next May and I am sure that this will just be a continuation of many more councillors joining us, not just here in West Norfolk, but throughout the whole County."

Paul Smyth, UKIP's Parliamentary candidate for South West Norfolk, which contains part of the Borough area said "This is a significant boost for UKIP in Norfolk ahead of next May's local and General elections. UKIP is going from strength to strength in the County, so if you want to help bring about real political change come and join us."

The leader of the new UKIP and Independent group on the Borough Council, Cllr Paul Foster said: "In 1967 King’s Lynn’s Town Expansion Officer said there was no point in building three thousand five hundred houses if there is no work for the inhabitants. Yet forty seven years later the Conservative administration under Cllr Nick Daubney is proposing sixteen thousand five hundred new houses and only five thousand new jobs. We believe that this is an unsustainable position to put the Borough in. This works out that only thirty percent of the houses could be in employment. So who are these houses for?

"UKIP agreed with us that development of this scale needs massive infrastructure support. The government’s Autumn Statement made it quite clear that West Norfolk is not going to receive the required support.

We have decided to join UKIP as they, as we do, believe all development and the country should be sustainable.
On the 23rd November the Home Secretary admitted the Government were not going to hit their immigration targets. Two hundred and sixty thousand migrants have come into the country this year alone requiring six and a half towns the size of King’s Lynn to accommodate them. We do not think the hard working tax payers of this Borough should be made to pay for infrastructure because of Conservative’s mistakes at national and local level."

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