Major victory for UKIP in Scotland as Supreme Court over-turns the Named Person Act

Published Jul 28, 2016

David_Coburn.jpgReacting to news that the Supreme Court has over-turned the Named Person Act, Leader of UKIP in Scotland, David Coburn MEP said:

“I am the only Scottish politician that has objected to this draconian, interfering, we-know-best piece of legislation and I am delighted the court has sided with the decent parents in Scotland.

“While the public were outraged angry and worried by the proposals, the tories repeatedly abstained, offering their voters no voice whatsoever on this most damaging legislation.

“This is a major victory for UKIP in Scotland, and it will be a huge relief to concerned parents across Scotland that the Supreme Court agrees with us and has sided with the people against the nanny state government headed by the SNP.

“If the SNP now try to push an amended version through, we will continue to fight against it.

“This is a prime example of what UKIP in action can achieve for the Scottish people, and the establishment government should know there’s more action where that came from.”

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