Margot Parker: “UKIP is the party of real business”


Margot_11_(1).jpgThe Conservative Party loves big business – well UKIP is all about small business. They are the backbone of our economy and the principal driver of our labour market. It's where our innovators can be found. Our entrepreneurs – those people who once had a dream of making, or creating, of selling, or trading.

One of the things which makes most proud to be part of UKIP is that I'm not a politician, I'm a businesswoman, who has worked in small companies before.

In fact, when working for small company, I was once sent to Brussels to help make the case for a level playing field – I quickly found out there was no will to lessen red tape.

Let's be clear – The Conservatives are the party of big business. We are the party of REAL business.

Figures show SME’s account for almost half of private sector turnover, while 3.7m businesses are sole proprietors.

Small firms employ 59 per cent of the country's workforce and 4.8m businesses are micro-businesses.

UKIP will conduct a skills review, so crucial in allowing us to better inform our education system
of the qualifications that are needed to succeed in the workplace today. So often, when visiting local business owners, we’re being told that workers with the requisite skills and qualifications just don’t exist in the UK labour market.

Businesses looking to recruit and succeed aren’t looking for university graduates with non-degrees in irrelevant subjects, they want people with skills. Individuals who have the ability to demonstrate more than just experience at writing essays. We need to provide our education system with the intelligence they need, so that they can better prepare people for the working world that’s waiting for them.

Once out of the European Union, we would restore common sense flexibilities, which would allow more people into work, but more than that, would create a more robust, flexible labour market.

UKIP will make it a priority to work with, and to encourage local councils to provide more free parking in our town centres.

UKIP are going to push for simplifications to be made to the planning system. To help bring about an environment that can benefit SME’s. Unnecessary bureaucracy is causing business owners to jump through hoops to satisfy archaic planning legislation that requires a simple change of use from A2 to A1. UKIP would seek changes within that system, making it easy to marry up small business owners with vacant properties.

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