Mark Reckless defends constituents against the other parties - now let's defend Mark Reckless!


IMG_0118.JPGAs Rochester & Strood's local MP for more than four years and a local activist for a decade more, Mark Reckless naturally promised his constituents a campaign rooted in the local issues on which he's long been working already.

In his first major campaign initiative today since Saturday's campaign launch with UKIP's Douglas Carswell MP and party leader Nigel Farage, Reckless highlighted the old parties' failure to defend the constituency against Tory-backed irresponsible local planning.

Speaking to journalists and volunteers on the Hoo Peninsula, he voiced the opposition he shares with local residents to plans for 5,000 units of housing stock to be constructed over the area's environmentally-crucial bird sanctuary - already a designated site of special scientific interest and a key ingredient of the area's precious local ecosystem.

Mark was joined by the latest three members of UKIP in the area who have given up on David Cameron's conservatives: Chris Irvine, (pictured), Richard Andrews, former Chairman of the Rochester and Strood Conservative Party, and Kenneth Bamber, formerly the Conservatives deputy chairman.

Mark Reckless means what he says when he promises a local campaign on local issues - but the other parties will fight him relentlessly to try to bolster their fracturing hold on British politics.

Mark needs you - and UKIP needs you! This is a campaign that deserves every possible support. We will meet the big money firepower of the old parties the way we do best - with the dedicated activism of the People's Army, on the doorsteps and the streets of Rochester and Strood!

If you want to join the campaign to make a local MP of proven achievement the second elected UKIP voice in Westminster, everything you need to know to be there to help Mark is at

Your role in Rochester really counts - and it's all hands on deck for Saturday's action day and the campaign to come!

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