Mark Reckless says Referendum Purdah rules should be upheld

Published Sep 02, 2015

CEFF-3KWoAAou8p.jpgUKIP's Head of Policy Development Mark Reckless has today said: "UKIP welcomes the Government rethink on the application of ‘purdah’ during the EU Referendum Campaign.

"It is important that neither those in Governmental nor in the civil service exploit their office in order to promote one side of the argument or the other. The Government is duty bound to give absolute clarity as to what the ‘exceptions’ to Purdah are.

"We would also call for the Government to make it clear to the European Union institutions that they too should refrain from announcing new policy objectives and spending promises in the UK during the period of the campaign and also honour British purdah rules.

"This is the first time in over forty years that UK citizens will be granted a say on our ongoing relationship with the European Union. It is vital that the campaign is not just seen to be fair, but is in fact and in all ways, fair."

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