Mark Reckless throws his full support behind UKIP's Jack Clarkson for South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner


"South Yorkshire’s next Police and Crime Commissioner faces a formidable task", says UKIP’s Mark Reckless today "and the job needs a formidable man. I've no doubt the right man is Jack Clarkson".

"Today, I'm throwing my full support behind Jack as he campaigns hard for permission from the people to get to grips with crime in South Yorkshire. Only UKIP can be trusted with the role. The Conservatives, as I know myself, make promises they won’t keep or can’t keep. And as Jack himself has said so straightforwardly and so rightly, there are 1,400 reasons not to vote for Labour. We can never forget those 1,400 and we must never forget who allowed such atrocious crimes to continue, because they valued political correctness more than they valued precious children.’

"Along with UKIP, I was an early voice calling for police and crime commissioners to be created. Local communities should control local policing. The alternative simply doesn't work.

Mark Reckless added: "I'm proud to have worked on the Home Affairs Committee to expose child sexual abuse cover-ups. If democratic accountability over policing is to mean anything, people in South Yorkshire should vote UKIP on Thursday – to punish Labour’s failure to protect the children in their care.

"I'm calling on the People’s Army to do its utmost for a decent man, a man who has his priorities in the right order, and the right man to sort out policing in South Yorkshire and get to grips with crime in the community.

"The other parties can make all the promises they like. Voters have heard it all before and seen the catastrophic consequences of letting Labour’s one-party state continue unchallenged, betraying its voters with contempt and victims with incredible neglect. Vote UKIP, get UKIP. Vote Clarkson, get rid of PC policing and get your community back".


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