May pleads for EU to play nice. Is that it? say UKIP

Published Sep 22, 2017

UKIP interim leader Steve Crowther said: "It was hard to see what in Mrs May’s speech would conceivably move the EU’s position. Ernest entreaty and good faith is not a negotiating position, especially with the EU, when they are bent on an inflexible stance and a disadvantageous outcome to teach everyone a lesson.

"Oddly, she spent time setting up the vital importance of the UK’s co-operation to EU security, then said that our participation was ‘unconditional’. The latter is laudable, but cancels out the former, which is potentially a basis for getting the ‘flexibility, ambition and creativity’ she expects from the EU.

"Overall, the whole speech could be paraphrased as “Oh come on, guys. Can’t we just do this nicely?”. Time our side started negotiating properly. No further talks until Barnier and the EU start talking properly, drop the ransom demand and start talking about sensible trade relations."

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