May's "Negligence" Over Law Enforcement Cuts

Published Jan 26, 2018

According to data released this week, almost every area of reported crime has risen, in a large part due to taxpayers' money being diverted overseas, say UKIP.

Richard Bingley, UKIP's Home Affairs spokesperson said: 

"Since 2010 our police, crown prosecutors, and prisons staff have been cut beyond recognition. This week's sad and depressing crime data shows us that law-enforcement budget cuts have tragic human consequences."

Concurrently, approximately £20bn per year was sent annually, from our UK taxes, either to the EU, or non-emergency overseas aid schemes. Under the Tories this pattern is set to continue for at least three years... despite British people voting in 2016 for Brexit!

Mr Bingley added:

"Our country is literally is a position where it has become the norm for serious crime to go uninvestigated and unpunished. Literally half our annual tax cash (£10bn) that was sent overseas, could actually have been used at home to retain our police, prosecutors and prisons. We could even have recruited more and awarded fair pay rises."

This week's data shows that in London:

Knife crime rose 23%
Robberies up 30%
Burglary up 14%
Killings up 19%

Across the UK, ONS report:

Firearms offences up 20%
Knife crime up 21%
Robbery up 29%
Domestic Burglary up 32%

Since 2010, Theresa May's cuts to our law-enforcement include:

Crown Prosecution Service cut by 2,400 (25%)
Police Officers cut by 21,000 (20%)
Firearms officers cut from 6976 to 5639

Mr Bingley added:

"Thanks to seven years of Theresa May and David Cameron, our country now has the same amount of police than we did back in 1985. But our population is around 10 million more people. This is an historic scandal of Government negligence."

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