May to confirm only to what degree she will ignore the will of the people

Published Jan 05, 2017

thumbnail_PaulNuttall1.jpgThe Prime Minister's office are trailing what they describe as a major statement on the move towards Brexit, but in reality it will just confirm to what extent she will ignore the democratic will of the people, says UKIP Leader Paul Nuttall.

"We are told that the Prime Minister is prepared to pull the UK out of the Single Market if the UK is not given full control of its borders and we are supposed to be impressed by this. Given that this is exactly what the 17 million voted for almost 7 months ago, given that it was clear throughout the campaign that this is what we were voting about it is extraordinary that it has taken her so long to say it.

"Leaving the single market - but retaining access like every other non-EU country in the world has - was a clear position of those of us on the Leave side, and retaining control of our borders was a ground level requirement. What we haven’t heard from the Prime Minister is a clear statement that when we leave our courts will have full independence from the European Courts.

"Essentially all she is saying - for the hundredth time is that Brexit means Brexit. Yes Prime Minister we knew that. So get on with it. The British people and UK businesses need some certainty, and this shilly-shallying around, and the failure to instigate Article 50 in a timely fashion only empowers those who would subvert the popular will expressed so decisively last June.

“The public voted for a clean and complete Brexit, a simple concept that she could and should announce immediately.

“We do not need to play by the EU's rules and our hand is far stronger than many - especially in the entrenched Whitehall establishment would have you believe. We should action the simple expedient of repeal the European Communities Act (1972) as a first step. This would restore supremacy of law-making to Parliament. The rest is details, important details, but details nonetheless".

“Anything less than a full, clean Brexit will be selling the public short on what they voted for, however hard she tries to make out it isn’t.”

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