McNarry puts down motion at Stormont over IS terror attacks on holidaymakers in Tunisia

Published Jun 29, 2015

David McNarry MLA, UKIP’s leader in Northern Ireland, has put down a matter of the day motion in the Assembly for debate tomorrow on the atrocities carried out by IS against British, Irish and other tourists.

“My motion is designed to allow the Assembly to speak out and join in the free world’s condemnation of the chilling IS murderous attack on holiday makers in a Tunisian resort.”

Watch it here:

David McNarry said: “IS radicalise young men and women and turn them into brainwashed killers. Such young people in our midst are at risk. We must have guarantees on our internal security position and on the level of threat from local extremists. Islamism has a duty and a responsibility to react and disown IS at home and abroad. Tourists can give their response by setting their own sanctions and withdrawing holiday bookings. Travel operators should co-operate in this and government need to issue a travel at-your-own-risk statement and list those countries deemed to be unsafe.”

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